Fastest Private Jet: Cessna Citation X

What is the World’s Fastest Private Jet?

The Cessna Citation X private jet is considered to be the fastest private jet in the world. This private jet is a medium-sized business jet aircraft which is designed to fly at high subsonic speeds, and it known as the fastest private jet available in the world today, and in fact as the third fastest civil airplane that has ever flown.

The Cessna Citation X is a jet which incorporates a number of different innovative design features, and which has an incredibly large diameter in regards to the size of the engine intakes, which greatly reduces the noise from the engines as well as improves fuel efficiency. Another important feature in this aircraft is in regards to the fact that is has inclusive powered controls.

These controls are powered by that of dual-hydraulic systems in order for redundancy, and there are also two elevators and the tail plane is all-moving in order for trim. It is able to climb to 43,000 feet in just 30 minutes at its maximum takeoff weight, and it is in fact certified to fly as high as 51,000 feet, where fuel efficiency is optimized and airline traffic is, quite obviously, non-existent.

The Cessna Citation X truly opens up a whole new aircraft category, in that it has the most absolutely stunningly attractive and spacious cabin ever created in an aircraft. In regards to the exterior features, it is considered as not only being the world’s fastest private jet, but also as the most aerodynamically advanced.

Despite that of Cessna’s long history of building business jets and the number of aircraft in the Citation family, the Citation X truly was, in many ways, an entirely new aircraft in its own right. Besides being the world’s fastest private jet, the Citation X is also the first aircraft to use a Rolls-Royce engine and fully-integrated avionics.

Cessna as a company in itself is extremely innovative and respected, and they still consider innovation as being their number one trademark, throughout their expansive family of aircrafts – from their single engine piston-powered aircraft to the Citation X – every day they are looking for ways and opportunities to make their business and methods even better.

As well, they have built integrated design teams of engineers, designers, pilots, and mechanics to systematically develop solutions which will be able to analyze and fulfill the needs of a futuristic and technologically advanced world.


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